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Roadwork Shutdown Ordered by IL

Roadwork Shutdown Ordered by IL
At the end of the month, all roadwork projects are being brought to a halt by the IDOT assuming the current budget impasse isn’t overcome by then. The director of business and workforce diversity, Pam R. Simon told contractors “at this time appropriate funding is not available after June 30, […]

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Video on “Self-Healing” Asphalt

“self-healing” asphalt

Video Credit to:

Learn more about rubberized asphalt:
For more technical information, read our Case Studies and Lab Data 

The Rubberized asphalt helps with:

Rutting resistance
Cracking resistance
Long road life cycle
Skid resistance
Durability in roads
Reduces sound
Serves as a way to recycle tires
Reduces cost
Less […]

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Yellowstone Applying Eco-Friendly Asphalt

Yellowstone Applying Eco-Friendly Asphalt

With Yellowstone being an Eco-sensitive environment, they hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to environmental innovation. With the aging roads, they have turned to a new environmentally friendly porous pavement that is manufacture in part from recycled tires.

Due to the worlds largest geysers systems and thermal features,the improvements […]

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