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Crumb Rubber Asphalt Simple Application

I-88 Tollway Crumb Rubber Asphalt Application

In 2015, the Illinois Tollway Authority commissioned a demonstration project of asphalt pavements modified with dry process rubber.  This project was designed to evaluate mix performance in the lab and field production of the mixes.  ElastikoTM Engineered Crumb Rubber Asphalt was selected as the mix modifier in the […]

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Asphalt Plus Coronavirus Update


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Rubberized Asphalt: How It’s Made

How Is Rubberized Asphalt Made?

Below is a video of a successful project laying rubberized asphalt using Elastiko® engineered crumb rubber from Asphalt Plus.Asphalt Plus LLC is  a specialty chemical and equipment manufacturing company headquartered near Chicago, IL. We produce an engineered crumb rubber additive for asphalt application. Asphalt Plus engineered rubber has endured a wide […]

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