Outline of America’s New Infrastructure Bill

According to a six-page document circulated Jan. 22., the Trump administration will place a major emphasis for the New Infrastructure Bill encouraging state, local, and private infrastructure investment.

The outline:

  • 50 percent will be allocated to an “Infrastructure Incentives Initiative” to encourage state, local, and private investment in infrastructure improvements.
  • New Infrastructure Bill 25 percent will support a “Rural Infrastructure Program” to encourage states to partner with local and private investment for infrastructure projects.
  • 10 percent will be dedicated to a “Transformative Projects Program” providing funds for “exploratory and ground-breaking” projects that are unable, due to their risk, to secure financing through the private sector.
  • 7.05 percent will be used for “Federal Credit Programs” increasing the capacity of existing infrastructure lending programs.
  • 5 percent will be designated for a “Federal Capital Financing Fund” to finance purchases of federally-owned civilian property.
  • Broaden the eligibility for Private Activity Bonds to encourage private investment, including reconstruction projects and ports and airports.

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Saving Money on a Rubberized Asphalt Project

Asphalt Plus, LLC conducted another successful rubberized asphalt project on I-39 in Beloit, WI using the Dry Process and chemically engineered rubberized asphalt. We recorded the process to show just how the Dry Process of Rubberized Asphalt is just as simple as it comes. In the video below, we demonstrate the beginning, middle and end of the process. You will see in the short video, the rubberized asphalt project is a simple application, and effective process with basic procedures.

The Rubber helps with:

rubberized asphalt project
  • Rutting resistance
  • Cracking resistance
  • Long road life cycle
  • Skid resistance
  • Durability in roads
  • Reduces sound
  • Serves as a way to recycle tires
  • Reduces cost
  • Less road maintenance

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