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I-75 Georgia

A 17 mile section of I-75 had lanes paved with Dry Mix rubber asphalt (southbound) and polymer modified asphalt (northbound). A GA-DOT multi-year comparison between the two technologies shows no significant difference in performance. 

rubber asphalt chicago

Pumphries Road, Fort Worth, TX

A one mile section of the access road to the Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, TX had lanes paved with Dry Mix and polymer modified asphalt. TX-DOT and Texas Transportation Institute evaluations of pavement performance showed no significant difference in pavement performance.  

Wolf Lake Terminal, Hammond, IN

The access road to a major rail to truck transfer facility was repaved with Dry Mix and Hot Mix Asphalts in adjoining sections. After seven years of service, Dry Mix asphalt pavements are in good to excellent condition, showing no material thermal cracking damage. Hot mix pavement failed and requires replacement.