Download Product Storage Data Sheet Here

Asphalt Plus products, like Elastiko 100, are shipped in 1.0 to 1.1 ton bulk sacks, and each sack is placed on a pallet. The plastic bulk bags are closed and the top is tied off before shipping. The Elastiko 100 product can be appropriately stored either inside or outside, and the material will not react or lose performance capability when stored in temperatures that range from -40F to +120F. Elastiko 100 will not react with exposure to water, so exposure to rain should not cause any material chemical changes or reactions.

Minus 30 crumb rubber has a small amount of capillary porosity, which means that in the event that a bulk bag of product is exposed to rainwater, only small amounts of water will be retained while the last of the free water drains out.  Since rubber is added in small quantities for most modified asphalt applications, tiny additional amounts of pore water present in the rubber will offer an exceedingly small potential for foaming or cooling the mix during production operations.

Storage of closed bags of product outside is typically not a source of issues, but extended storage of product in the sun can increase the likelihood that the bag fabric will degrade in the sun, causing an increased risk that the bulk bag will weaken and tear with longer storage times.  If longer-term storage is required, interior storage locations are encouraged.