What Is Rubberized Asphalt?

Asphalt Plus LLC is  a specialty chemical and equipment manufacturing company headquartered near Chicago, IL. We produce an engineered crumb rubber additive for rubberized asphalt application. Over the past two decades, extensive lab and field work has created a new binder modification option for asphalt producers. Dry process rubber modification of asphalt allows you to produce rubber-modified mixes that perform like polymer-modified mixes without the use of terminal blending. Asphalt Plus engineered rubber has endured a wide range of harsh climate & road use conditions.

In spite of these situations, Asphalt Plus has performed impeccably well with nearly 2 million tons of placed Dry Mix Asphalt. We have assisted the auto manufacturing industry, the Department of Defense, Energy and Interior in cost-effectively reducing both their operating costs and their environmental footprint in a wide range of activities.

What Are the Benefits of Rubber Asphalt?

*Reduces your production costs!

*Eliminates the need for special, on-site storage equipment;

*Minimizes wasted product since stickiness on plant & field equipment and in truck beds is greatly reduced;

*Provides comparable performance to terminal blended GTR & polymer modification;

*Provides better compaction & density

rubberized asphalt

Over the past decade, researchers in the U.S. have tried to develop an approach that will allow the introduction of dry process rubberized asphalt pavement in a way that is both cost-effective and free of the engineering challenges that have limited the use of crumb rubber modifiers (CRM) in the past.

Chemically engineered crumb rubber introduced like an aggregate into asphalt plants during mix production through dry process meet customer needs.

Our management & staff possess many technical degrees including PhDs, MBAs, MSs, BSs and CPAs with hundreds of years of professional experience. We make every effort to bring these skills and our collective experience into every industry we serve, and our record of growth and success speaks for itself.

Below is a video of a successful project laying rubberized asphalt using Elastiko® engineered crumb rubber from Asphalt Plus.

Engineered Crumb Rubber Asphalt Application Process