Elastiko ECR  – Dry Process Ground Tire Rubber (GTR)

Project No.: SPRY-0010(73)RS, Job Piece No. 01946(72)
Task Order 2400-19-04
Submitted by:
Bryan W. Cooper, CPM
Transportation Manager I
Office of Research and Implementation
Oklahoma Department of Transportation


     Overall, I believe the Ground Tire Rubber project has been quite a success.  I think the performance is comparable to our normal pavement designs.  I believe that the Ground Tire Rubber additive will show a cost savings as a binder replacement. I also believe that there will be a benefit in the construction phase.  During the construction of this particular project, densities were achieved quicker than normal, evidenced through a reduction in the number of passes the rollers had to make.

     ODOT Pavement Engineers have been pleased with the performance of this GTR project and have developed plans to deploy this innovation to other locations around the state of Oklahoma. Not only is the performance comparable to conventional asphalt, but it also has the potential to use up the waste product of used tires and provide an environmental benefit also.