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Asphalt Plus LLC is  a specialty chemical and equipment manufacturing company headquartered near Chicago, IL. We produce an engineered crumb rubber additive for rubberized asphalt process. Over the past two decades, extensive lab and field work has created a new binder modification option for asphalt producers. Dry process rubber modification of asphalt allows you to produce rubber-modified mixes that perform like polymer-modified mixes without the use of terminal blending. Asphalt Plus engineered rubber has endured a wide range of harsh climate & road use conditions.

Here is how the rubberized asphalt process works: A chemically Engineered Crumb Rubber product called Elastiko ECR is fed into your plant during mix production, just like a fine aggregate. The heated binder reacts with the ECR during mixing, storage and transport. The delivered mix lays and performs like a polymer-modified pavement, but at a fraction of the cost.

Asphalt Plus LLC is part of an integrated specialty chemical and equipment manufacturing company (CBL Industrial Services) headquartered near Chicago, IL.  CBL and Asphalt Plus operate in North and Central America, Europe and The Middle East.

Our management & staff possess many technical degrees including PhDs, MBAs, MSs, BSs and CPAs with hundreds of years of professional experience in manufacturing, chemical and mechanical engineering, compliance and industrial process operations. We make every effort to bring these skills and our collective experience to every customer we serve.  Our record of growth and success speaks for itself.

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