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Customer is Key To More Rubberized Asphalt Pavement

Rubberized Asphalt Pavement
Over the past decade, researchers in the U.S. have tried to develop an approach that will allow the introduction of rubberized asphalt pavement in a way that is both cost-effective and free of the engineering challenges that have limited the use of crumb rubber modifiers (CRM) in the past.

CRM has proven to last longer […]

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Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Paving a Path Forward

Redmond Clark, president of Asphalt Plus L.L.C. spoke at the 34th Clemson University Global Tire Conference in regards to the benefits of using Dry Process crumb rubber modified asphalt.
 “The window of opportunity is open, but it won’t remain open, because more aggressive industries will beat us to it,” said Redmond Clark.


 With more than 50 percent […]

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Rubber Asphalt Project I-39

Rubber Asphalt Project I-39
Asphalt Plus, LLC conducted another successful rubber asphalt project on I-39 in Beloit, WI using the Dry Process and chemically engineered rubberized asphalt. We recorded the process to show just how the Dry Process of Rubberized Asphalt is just as simple as it comes. In the video below, we demonstrate the […]

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Paving Asphalt: 5 Common Mistakes

5 Common Mistakes In Asphalt Paving
Paving asphalt is a tricky job that is driven on precision and the right mix designs. Having a strong understanding and a well educated crew will help you eliminate some mistakes but mistakes are something that can tend to be unavoidable. The best thing is to learn from mistakes, constantly […]

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Yellowstone Applying Eco-Friendly Asphalt

Yellowstone Applying Eco-Friendly Asphalt

With Yellowstone being an Eco-sensitive environment, they hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to environmental innovation. With the aging roads, they have turned to a new environmentally friendly porous pavement that is manufacture in part from recycled tires.

Due to the worlds largest geysers systems and thermal features,the improvements […]

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